About us

We are a team of passionate developers, designers, project managers and travelers from across the globe. We’re on a mission to make traveling more fun, more connected and more safe—in a way that respects the value of nature and the cultures around us.

Triptop is a platform that lets travelers get real-time local updates and advice from community members and local experts. It helps people explore great places in a completely new, informed and connected manner—so they can enjoy their trips and stay safe. You can also use Triptop to meet new people by creating public messages for others to see. Traveling has never been better.

In addition to making a fun app, we are committed to helping non-profit organizations preserve nature and local culture. Not only do we want people to enjoy traveling, but we also want to ensure that great destinations are protected and preserved for future generations—that there’s always plenty to enjoy on our planet.

We inspire travelers (Triptoppers) to report when they see that nature sites or objects of local culture are damaged or not being treated well.

The organizations in charge of these things—national parks, for instance—will be notified of such reports.

We raise awareness for non-profit organizations, allowing Triptoppers to make instant donations to the causes they care about.

We and our partners cover all processing fees.
(Coming soon.)