How to earn your points

Compete with your friends and the community by creating trips and tips of the best travel spots in the world! The more active you are, the higher your rating will be. Leaders will be published regularly in the Triptop Hall of Fame.

How to earn your points:
Log in every week (web only) 1 point
Place a tip 1 point
Place a public message 1 point
Add a friend 1 point
Add discussion of review or place 1 point
Create a custom trip/folder 1 point
Someone likes your content 2 points
Reply to someone’s public message 2 points
Review a place 2 points
Share a custom trip/folder 2 points
Add a place 2 points
Send invite to friend + user registers 5 points
Someone saves your custom trip 20 points
Book a hotel or flight (per $1 spent) 1 point

Effective as of August 12, 2016